Our plants

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Native Plants From Source Identified Seed

Our Seed Sources

At Wright Nursery Ltd, we collect seeds from identified sites; meaning, we track and record all of our seed sources. Source-identified seeds can make the difference between success and failure of a project. Native plants are those that have adapted to the complex conditions in a specific location. The closer the seed source is to a project, the better adapted the plants are.

Southern Alberta


Our range is from the south of Water Valley and Cremona to the southern border of Alberta. These areas are characterized by drought, dry winters, cool summer nights, and short growing season, so we focus our plant seed sources along the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. Being in the transition zone, this area gains the drought of the prairies and the coolness of the foothills. Additionally, the prairies east of Highway 2 into the badlands have been a rich source of native plants used by the indigenous peoples for thousands of years.

Central Alberta


The Aspen Parkland of Alberta covers the area north of Sundre and Olds to the boreal forest of northern Alberta. For our seed sources, we are limiting our picking sites from Sundre to Lacombe. We are concentrating our focus along the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains to the prairies east of Red Deer.

Epic Trees of Alberta Cities and Areas


Epic trees are those that have grown in our cities and towns for a period of time, proving to be superior to the plants available on mainstream nursery and garden center markets. These trees have come from local nurseries of the area that have faded away, leaving a legacy of better genetics than those which may be available on post-local nursery production.