Native Woody Plants

Southern and Central Alberta

Native Woody Plants Source identified seed and seedlings

Wright Nursery Ltd is a wholesale nursery started in 2015 as a supplier of native seed sourced plugs and seedlings. After Pam and Ken Wright sold Bow Point Nursery (1988) they decided to start a new enterprise - a nursery dedicated to plant selection, seed collection and propagation of plants important to the markets of southern and central Alberta.

This is the basic philosophy we established at Bow Point Nursery - now it is time to focus on those principals. Wright Nursery is the vehicle for the results of the years of research and passion developed over the last 30 years.

Choose plants for your project that are native to your locality.

The plants you choose for your project - whether it is a pipeline, reclamation site or an urban landscape - can and will make the difference between success, marginally successful, or failure. The seed source for your site specific designs will impact the performance of the plants chosen for the site. With some planning and advance notice, we can produce the woody plants that will give the desired results. In any planning there is a vision of the results and goals - we can help fulfill those visions.



We have a well-deserved reputation of knowing when, where, and how to collect seed for the best results in terms of propagation success and plant production.



Knowing when to collect seed, the most effective methods for preserving viability and how to store seed effectively. We have 40 years experience propagating woody plants.



We provide information for your plant needs and scheduling for better success in your planning. We have been involved in quite a number of projects over the years - Successfully